Virtual Reality for Corporate Training

Virtual Reality for Corporate Training


Virtual Reality is the representation of possible worlds and possible selves …

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Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a while and more so been used in the gaming industry. However, in the recent past we seen VR finding its way into the corporate environment for training purposes. Familiarity of VR has increased, cost of headsets has reduced and we are experiencing more advancements in VR environment offering an ‘almost’ real environment. The potential for VR in the corporate space is enormous given the endless possibilities that can be explored.

Reaping benefits of VR Training

VR offers simulated experiences of places and things that the user can experience and interact with. The simulated environment tricks the brain that the user is in the real environment making it more believable. There is evidence to show that learners tend to retain far more of what they experience in VR than traditional training environments. Experiential learning has shown to increase the quality of learning as well as retention rate; no wonder VR is gaining popularity in corporate training. The recent discoveries on possibilities of VR is driving the adoption of VR training by a number of corporate.

The range of opportunities for VR in the workplace are vast

Cost reduction

Talk to a CFO about their costs in the organization and training will definitely feature in that conversation. Training budgets are mushrooming as department heads seeks to have their teams with know-how and skills for optimum productivity. However, it gets to a point where its no longer sustainable especially when an organization consider the cost of getting the training e.g. travel & and other related costs. With VR, those costs are slashed and the organization just invests in the training environment where they can replicate different scenarios for various user group sets. Staff will just need to use the VR headsets to access training environment and get a feel and experience like in the real environment. Secondly, there are scenarios where training requires use of actual learning resources e.g. medical equipment that is expensive to buy just for training purposes. VR comes in handy as the model of the equipment can created in virtual environment and let the learners interact with the equipment even without having seen one in real life.

Dangerous Scenarios

Work place safety is a critical factor in the most industries especially where risk of incidents and accidents are high. Majority of organizations in the industry have to invest in training their staff so as to reduce the incident rates or near miss. Unfortunately, not all scenarios can be replicated in real life as they pose risk to trainees hence skills are passed theoretically which doesn’t have a major impact on the staff. VR training environment offers safe spaces to make mistakes, with no injuries but very impactful to the staff. Work at Height training can be conducted in VR and if staff makes a mistakes and falls, well there is no injury but the learner understands the risk of not following through the Work at height requirements.

The most important part of entrenching corporate culture to an employee is during the on-boarding process. The first day gives a picture of what they will expect in the future while being part of the organization. VR can improve the induction process by taking the new staff through a tour of the office and other offices located elsewhere, meet with teams spread across the globe and interact with some products of the company even before they step foot into the office. This gives them more confidence that they know their way around even before they start off on the new role.

On-boarding Processing

The options with VR training are endless and VCC Africa is redefining how corporate training and meeting will take place in Africa. VCC Africa is providing a platform for organizations to interact, share ideas and explore the possibilities of VR to improve on efficiency, service delivery and quality of service offered to clients.

Welcome to the future – VCC.Africa

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