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In partnership with BVMW (Germany Association of Small and Medium Enterprises) we provide a platform for experts from Africa & Europe to exchange ideas and explore each other markets


The VCC will build capacity, support companies and individuals to bridge their skills gap while creating memorable experiences.


The VCC will enable participants to get increased engagement, knowledge retention levels and companies can be trained in a safer, most cost effective way through practical experiences.


The aim is to bring experts together to share knowledge and increase the quality of service delivery in the target countries.

Whether in a classroom, industrial, or corporate scenario, the VCC Platform can supplement or replace traditional training and education methods by introducing user-friendly immersive lessons and content.

VCC & the Eastern African Alliance redefines the delivery of services & training to organizations 

The Virtual Conference Center will have pieces of training, presentations,meetings and lectures that can be transferred there where participants can log in via Virtual Reality glasses. The virtual environment is modeled after the real “Kigali Convention Center”.

This will give lecturers and coaches the ability to reach students and professionals in all industries in the virtual space. The participants are generated via the East Africa Alliance and the alumni network from the predecessor project Cyber4Growth.

VCC 2020 Lauch

We let the participants speak on our behalf so that we can focus on making the participants happy. During the launch, we did just that. Here’s what they said.


Creative solutions for all Industries

As the digital generation, we are no longer afraid of computer-generated experiences and thus started perceiving VR as offering endless possibilities for broadening the horizon of various businesses rather than just an immersive tool for having fun. From retail to aircraft manufacturing and from waste management to healthcare, many different industries have already adopted VR – and this trend doesn’t seem to slow down.

Health Industry

The VCC will connect the health sector participants to perform real-time medical training through projects which physicians can aid and train, in real time, during an active surgery. The future of medicine will be the ability to practice everywhere through virtual reality.

Learning Institutions

VR helps the learning institutions in delivery of content in a virtulized safe environment that ensure the learners get the indepth expounded concept from the VR environment…

Automobile Industry

Overtime, automakers are finding that testing their products in virtual scenarios allows them to increase the safety of their products, as well as decrease their time-to-market. With the VCC, customers can enter virtual environments and test drive any number of cars and configurations without even leaving the dealership.

Energy Industry

With a limited pool of hands on skills, decades of on-the-job experience is being lost as the transfer of skills and knowledge is interrupted. We want to assist these companies to bridge the skills gap by providing real-world experience without real-world cost and risk.

Construction Industry

Looking at a construction project from a VR creates an environment to clearly walk the investors, clients through as they visualize the real outcome of the project..

Transport & Logistics

The simulated environment will enable transport companies to create unpredicted scenarios, like bad weather conditions, vehicle, airplane or ship behavior, in order to find good solutions while improving customer experience digitally. Additionally, employees in logistics can execute a real-time simulation-based training of different logistic processes e.g production.

Manufacturing Industries

VCC will help industrial settings visualize complex configurations of manufactured items in real space. Business-to-business organizations selling complex products will need to ensure the configuration meets customer needs, get the right configuration quickly and easily to remove friction in the sales process. It’s all about digitally transforming the sales process.

Information Communication Technology | ICT

Our cybersecurity experts will help clients nurture and enhance workforce cyber skills, protect themselves against cyberattacks and regulatory violations, and maximize their return on investment in organizational training that will be designed specifically for each company. We will offer targeted training videos to address specific issues and reinforce best security practices.

Entertainment & Gaming

Human beings need to continually seek new and innovative ways to relax and energize themselves. Riders with special needs can now enjoy the coaster experience while remaining safely grounded, also for remote showing of places like virtual visits to museums, national parks, and exhibitions or live concerts.

The Alliance

Through the support from the BVMW German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) 

a stronger bond between Germany and East Africa will be created beyond the already existing studio. The Virtual conference center will also extend its topics significantly to e.g. Manufacturing, Automobile, Energy industry, and logistics.

The partner companies through the Eastern Africa Alliance in Uganda, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan can gain a special market position as they are the only companies in their country that can offer such a virtual platforms. This strengthens its market position and customer loyalty.a

This will secure the jobs in the respective companies. Of course, through the exchange and training, the technical knowledge is strengthened. In particular, through cooperation with start-up centers in the target countries, the digital transformation will be supported by the transfer of knowledge, which in turn will give the partner companies new customers in the medium to long term.

Why VCC?

VCC is about creating and making a difference to all sectors we engage with and also the people. With VCC experience, you are assured of…

Increased Engagement

Reduced Expenses


Skill Enhancement


VCC participants get  the opportunity to connect, increase knowledge and motivation to improve their own ability.

There is a strong network of experts locally in the target countries, as they meet at the partner companies for virtual learning and exchange. As the Virtual Conference Center will also work with start-up centers, the young companies will be taught the topic of cybersecurity in special training sessions. This will be part of building new digital companies in the target region.

Overall, the new risks in the virtual space in the East African area should be reduced by increasing the skills and knowledge of the IT administrators and IT experts, as well as their managers. The sustainability of the project is ensured by the fact that the conference center is to be transferred to a resource center or continued in cooperation with a university following the project.The VCC provides the participants with an opportunity to connect with German experts, increase their knowledge, and motivation to improve their own ability. In addition, there is stronger networking of IT security experts locally in the target countries, as they meet at the partner companies for virtual learning and exchange.

Want to have a feel of VCC?

We are LIVE.

The Virtual Conference center was launched in Nairobi, Kenya where participants got an opportunity to take part in the demo for the Virtual Reality glasses as well as share their first experience at the center. Registered members of the Cyber4growth business club continuously enjoy enticing benefits that come with it and even extend some of the privileges to their corporate clients. With the VCC center having been set up, the participants will get an opportunity to take part in the demo, Trainings & meetings for the Virtual Reality glasses as well as share their first experience at the studio.

VCC Partners

In partnership with BVMW (German Association of Small and Medium Enterprise and East African Alliance partners, we provide a platform for experts from Africa, East Africa & Europe to exchange ideas and explore each others markets





BVMW Germany


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